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Termites are also referred to as white ants although they are not ants at all. They are in fact a social relative of the cockroach. They live in a colony that’s why they are called social insect. Around 0.5mm diameter hole is enough to gain entry into the house or any other places.

There are around 3500 species of termites and mostly 5% of these are considered as nasty termites, causing damage gurgaon termites to buildings, crops and forests. The termite season is usually late spring, late April to May, as this is the time when adult termites leave old colonies to build new nests. They usually head towards sunlight or artificial light. Many die termites are found on window sills or the floor near doors and windows. After swarming they spin around and break off their wings. Sometimes the swarming takes place for just one or two hours. If you are not at home when they swarm you may only find the “cast off” wings on a windowsill or floor below a window. We ar professional termite exterminator in gurugram(gurgaon).

Termite Control Gurugram : Methodology

Four Step Anti-Termite Treatment (Fastest Termites Control)Gurugram

1. Treatment at the junction of floors & walls

2. Drilling at Door / window Frames at 45 degree angle.

3. Injection chemical solution into these created holes.

4. Spray at the existing mud tubes or termite to control the existing movements of termites.

Termite Control Gurugram - Chemical we use:

Bayer make chemicals – Premise (Imidachloropid 30.5%SC), latest & certified chemicals which are odorless, eco-friendly, non-smelly, child & pet safe. Herbal anti-termite treatment chemicals.

Termite Control Gurugram - Warrantee:

Anti-termite treatment gurugram (Gurgaon) warrantee varies from minimum 2 Years to 10 years, depending upon the site or termite infestation level. We give you best gurgaon termite control warranty in industry.

Pest Control Gurugram Says - Prevention is better than cure:

Prevention is the best cure, and Anti-Termite in Gurugram from our company, we offer a fastest and 100% guaranteed termite control services in gurugram. Keeping safe your family and pets to ensure that they are not negatively affected as we perform our anti-termite control treatment to rid your residence or income place of termites and other pests and termtes. Gurugram residences should have at least one termite inspection in a year to ensure that there isn’t the seed of a problem developing that may lead to major issues later and threaten the integrity of the property.

These are Major Area from we get massive calls for Termite Control in Gurugram

Termite control in gurugram has become important part to every home or office to protect furnitures & wood-work from being eaten away or spoiled by termites. On the other hand we have been receiving multiple calls for termite control in gurugram from sohna road gurugram, termite control gurgaon sector 56 gurugram, termite control in dlf phase 1 2 3 4 and 5. Termite control in new colony gurugram, termite control in Tatvam villa sector 48 Gurugram, termite treatment in gurugram, termite control in north and south close gurugram etc.

Take Precautionary Anti-Termite Treatment & SAVE 25%. Call our Local Termite Experts in Gurugram today: 8586949387.


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